Historical Updates

December 4, 2017

BTC / ALT Widgets

Home screen widgets are added. You can quickly glance at the crypto market to get an idea of what is going on.

Hacked.com and Bloomberg news sources are added

November 27, 2017

News Section

News section is added. It allows you to see all cryptocoin news in one place. You can search and filter the news.

CNBC news source is added

November 15, 2017


Volatility calculation is added for 5 hour (recent) and 30 day intervals. The higher the volatility - the less stable the coin is. It could moon or collapse. The lower the volatility - the less likely it is to bring huge profits. Be wary, this is an indicator and not a prediction. In crypto a lot of huge changes happen because of news.

Favorite Coins

ccowl already allowed you to mark your coins as favorite. You can now make coins even "more favorite" by clicking on the favorite star again. It will make them show up on top of favorite coins. If you click on the star again - it will remove the favorite flag.

Exchange Filter

Price panels have settings in them (cog wheel on the top right of that panel). You can now select your favorite exchanges and if a coin is not traded on any of your favorite exchanges - it will be filtered out.

November 09, 2017

Full Coins Grid

Full Coins Grid is added. If you click on the COINS link at the top, you will enter new page with one giant grid of coins. The grid is scrollable and you will see every possible column. Almost every column has an ability to sort.