Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of

How are you different from other similar websites? Most websites just pull price data from CoinMarketCap. We get data directly from exchanges and show it to you without any delays.
Similarly, we scan news websites and show you the latest news as soon as they are posted.

Where does the price and volume data come from? Price data comes directly from crypto coin exchanges (Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Binance, HitBTC).

How do you calculate the latest price of a coin? We constantly monitor all exchanges and pick a primary exchange for every coin based on volume. Then we calculate the latest price by taking an average of highest bid and lowest ask prices.

How does comparison gains chart work? We use EMA10 method of calculating the recent average price. Then we compare current value to that recent average. The result is the graph of gains or losses.

How do you calculate volatility of a coin? We use coefficient of variation. We find standard deviation of recent prices and then normalize it by dividing result by the average price.

How do calculate coin's market cap? We use CoinMarketCap API to get the information on total supply of all coins, and then multiply it by the latest rate from the exchanges

How often do you sync with the exchanges? Every second or two for most exchanges. Kraken is the only one that limits to sync every 7 seconds.

What are sudden spike alerts? We use EMA to calculate average recent price of a coin. If the current price is way off that price, then a sudden spike alert is generated.

How often do you generate an aler? Alerts have a configurable cooldown per alert per coin. Usually its configured to be around 10 minutes. So if BTC alert is generated for a specific rule, the next alert for BTC will not be generated for 10 minutes to suppress "alert spam".

What about news? How quickly do they show up after they are published? Most news show up in under 5 seconds.

What is OWL50? Can I buy OWL50? It is a market index like DOW or Nasdaq, but for cryptocurrency. It's value reflects the combined market cap of the top 50 cryptocurrencies excluding Bitcoin. We find it useful to compare growth rate of OWL50 to Bitcoin. You cannot buy OWL50 since it's just an index.

Will you add more coins? We only show top 100 coins. Most coins below have a tiny volume, huge unpredictable fluctuiations, and are not reliable for trading. As soon as a coin breaks the top 100, it will be automatically shown on our website (as long as its tracked by one of the exchanges we support).

How do you calculate NOW price direction? We use EMA (Exponential Moving Average) and compare current price to the EMA price.

Can you add my company's news to your platform and link news articles to our website? How much do you charge for integration? We will be happy to do it for free, as long as your news articles are high in quality and plagiarism free. We only accept news from platforms that are already popular among crypto enthusiasts. Please contact us by email or using the form below.

What does "ccowl" stand for? Stands for Crypto Coin Owl =)

What tools is this website built with? It's built from scratch using a customized Bootstrap Paper theme with several Javascript libraries.

Are there any plans to add features? We're constantly working on adding new features to CCOWL. For example, we're working on alert functionality, improved coin UI, user accounts. Stay tuned!

Are you owned by a big corporation? Nope. We are an independent website.

Do you have API? Can we we scrape information from your website? We don't have API and you are not allowed to scrape information from the website.

Your website is not working properly! We're sorry about that! Can you please let us know? Use the form below.

Your website is too clean. We can help you with that and put some ads on it! You will be rich! Thanks for the offer, but we want to stay ad free for as long as we can.

I want to thank you. Is there a way I can help? Best way you can help us is to spread the word.

How can I request a feature, make a suggestion, file a bug report or contact you for any other reason? Email ( Reddit (ccowl) Twitter (@cryptocoinowl) Or you can fill out the form below: